Khordmaster's OP-Z Projects

Khordmaster's OP-Z Projects

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Khordmaster’s OP-Z Projects pack includes 6 projects designed to show you some unique capabilities of this amazing sequencer.

This New Jersey based music content creator and podcast host has a YouTube channel with music tutorials and production ideas including a whole playlist of Teenage Engineering related content. Download Khordmaster’s OP-Z Projects pack, load them onto your OP-Z and go to town!!

Interact with the patterns by making your own mute groups, chaining patterns, adding punch-in effects, and even adding your own rhythms and melodies. Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @khordmaster if you do so he can share) Please contact Khordmaster if you have any questions or want to use these projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.

Project Notes/Ideas:

  1. Try switching mute groups
  2. Switch from Mute Group 2 to Mute Group 1 to change from chill to extreme
  3. Experiment with muting the tape / master tracks
  4. Interesting use of step components
  5. Interesting idea, can you modify the sounds to make it sound better? I bet you can