opzpacks.com is a marketplace for OP-Z creators to download and share their music and sounds. We hope to inspire and foster creativity and collaboration among the OP-Z community.

In our marketplace you can find find a wide range of music and sounds. Downloads are categorized into “projects” (stock sounds only), “samples”, or “projects and samples” packs. Downloading and importing content from our site onto you OP-Z is easy! Each download comes with a simple set of text instructions or you can follow along with this tutorial video.

Many artists on the site have chosen to share their projects and samples as free downloads (which is awesome!). If you enjoy these downloads please share and tag the creators and @opzpacks as well as consider picking up some paid packs. Purchases directly support the individual who created the music and sounds you downloaded.  We believe in artists supporting other artists!

If you would like to upload your music or samples got to our upload page or email us and we will walk you through getting your work on the marketplace!