EVERYDAY P01 - green sus

EVERYDAY P01 - green sus

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This collection of 10 projects is hard to categorize, but fascinating to study and fun to perform. Ambient, chiptune, EDM, polyrhythmic, and random generative tracks make this pack a genre-defying exploration of the OP-Z engines and their capabilities.

A Curious Calm is a daily music project spanning the calendar year 2020. The artist, Daniel Marcolesco (aka Cyberbit), graduated a 30-day music production class in October 2019 with a passion to continue his creative momentum. Inspired by many other online creators, A Curious Calm was born, generating fresh, all-natural content daily. This pack is a collection of some of the best days’ efforts so far. After the year closes, the top 50 tracks will be released on Spotify, so stay tuned!

All projects are a single pattern with mute groups configured to roughly match performances on Instagram (@acuriouscalm), which were created using only the OP-Z and an audio recorder. Mute groups 1-9 are generally in performance order, and mute group 10 is a soft MIDI panic (handy for ending a session). The projects use all stock sounds, tested with firmware 1.2.31.

If you have questions about a pattern or performance, or just want to say hi, DM me on Instagram!
  1. E028 - tenderizer. “what are you doing, step-components?”
  2. E073 - bonus level. adventure into 15/16 time
  3. E100 - electra. ep synth jam
  4. E109 - ocsel aksni wi. some kind of polyrhythm
  5. E116 - north wind. hippity hoppity
  6. E144 - eclectic. tasteful math rock
  7. E145 - talkie talk. poppy bass
  8. E211 - hacked. glorious chiptune
  9. E268 - recursive synapse. delay performance study
  10. E280 - carefully arranged electrons. synthwave-adjacent

 By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music.  Interact with the patterns by making your own mute groups, chaining patterns, adding punch-in effects, and even adding your own rhythms and melodies.  Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag  @acuriouscalm) Please contact Cyberbit if you have an questions or want to use these projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.