West Coast Beat Pack

West Coast Beat Pack

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The West Coast Beat Pack from souLɥft includes 10 projects/patterns, 6 custom synth samples, and 2 drum sample banks. These beats/patterns were created on a road trip down the west coast from Portland to Santa Cruz. Inspired by "west-coast" style and landscape these grooves are bound to keep your head nodding. Some of the projects feature the OP-Z's step components that "re-mix" the standard loop and create an infinite pattern that is unique with every play.

All of these beats can be found on souLɥft's West Coast Beat Tape on Bandcamp (and other streaming platforms coming July 10th).

User Samples Included:

  • Bad Beat Box
  • 0-Coast Percussion
  • 0-Coast Simple
  • Muted Piano
  • Toy Piano
  • Upright Piano
  • NAMM Kalimba
  • Sine Wave 

    Watch the video to see a preview of all 10 projects.  By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music.  Interact with the patterns by making your own mute groups, chaining patterns, adding punch-in effects, and even adding your own rhythms and melodies.  Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @soulyftmusic) Please contact souLɥft if you have an questions or want to use these projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.