Synthetic Style Pack
Synthetic Style Pack

Synthetic Style Pack

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The Synthetic Style pack from Davnak includes 3 projects, 4 patterns, 3 custom drum sample banks, and 9 custom synth patches. All samples were designed and recorded using Ableton’s Wavetable, Operator, and other M4L synths/FXs. Utilize the OP-Z’s various parameters and sample editing to find new sounds and variations of the provided samples.

User Samples Included:

  • Synth Kicks (24 samples)
  • Synth Snares (24 samples)
  • TreeTone (sliced drone sample)
  • WA Bass
  • Mother OSC
  • 80 Lead
  • Click Clack
  • 80 Pad
  • Find A Dream Pad
  • Afade
  • Clickey

Operations Projects Included:

  • Who, What, Yeah
  • Saturn
  • Birds n' Hats

Watch the video to see a preview of all sounds. By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music. Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @davnakmusic). Please contact Davnak if you have any questions or want to use these demo projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.