Ambient Patterns Pack

Ambient Patterns Pack

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The Ambient Sounds pack from souLɥft includes 10 patterns and 6 custom synth samples.   All of the patterns include some randomization so every time you press play on the OP-Z you will have a unique listening experience.  

These patterns were selected from souLɥft's first year of creating music on the OP-Z.  All of these pieces were posted on Instagram and some can be found on Youtube.  Pattern 08 was also featured on the Small Operations Podcast episode 5

User Samples Included:

  • Upright Piano
  • 0-Coast Pad
  • 0-Coast Simple
  • Air Organ
  • Soft Synth 
  • Sine Wave

Watch the video to see a preview of all 10 projects.  By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music.  Interact with the patterns by making your own mute groups, chaining patterns, adding punch-in effects, and even adding your own rhythms and melodies.  Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @soulyftmusic) Please contact souLɥft if you have an questions or want to use these projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.