Modular v1.0 Pack

Modular v1.0 Pack

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The Modular v1.0 pack from Davnak includes 2 patterns, 3 custom drum sample banks, and 4 custom synth patches. (Pattern 2 was created by the one and only Soulyft Music!) This pack also makes use of the module track, so if you have an oplab module, connect it to an external synth for additional inspiration. The Modular v1.0 pack was designed and processed using Davnak’s modular synth. It is a way to get just a taste of the modular sound within the OP-Z.

User Samples Included:

  • Modular Kicks 01 (24 samples)
  • Modular Percussion 01 (24 samples)
  • Noise Drone FX (1 sample)
  • Growler Bass
  • Clavinet Arp
  • Super Saw Lead
  • Organ Synth Pad

Watch the video to see a preview of all sounds. By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music. Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @davnakmusic) Please contact Davnak if you have any questions or want to use these projects/patterns beyond "personal" use.