OP-Z Ableton Template

OP-Z Ableton Template

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The OP-Z Ableton Template from Davnak is an Ableton project template designed to multitrack the OP-Z midi channels alongside the main L/R audio output. Having the midi data multitrack allows you to record every aspect of your OP-Z performance as seen in the linked YouTube video. It is a great creative tool for editing or overdubbing different elements of your OP-Z performance.

How to Install:

  1. Open the "OP-Z Template.alp" file
  2. Select an installation location for the Ableton Pack (anywhere will do)
  3. Open now extracted live-set
  4. Go to "File > Save Live Set As..."
  5. Save the live set under "User Library/Templates/OP-Z Template.als"
  6. The Ableton template is now saved as a template and can be used as such

Watch the video to see configurations and how the template is used. By downloading this pack you can enjoy listening to and explore the music. Feel free to post and share on social media! (tag @davnakmusic)